Oct 25, 2009

Base for Makeup & learning contour!

I have 2 youtube videos for you today. The first is just a very basic video explaining the products that I like best for prepping your face for makeup. As with all artistic things... a good application of the art medium starts with a great canvas. This video explains how to get your face to be the best canvas it can be! And you'll be amazed at the results of your overall makeup!

So check it out!

The next video i have just goes over basic contour. Contour can be a great asset if you dont like something about your face. Its not just for stage and film makeup anymore!

So check it out!

Oct 22, 2009

Lauren's Bridal Portraits

It's been a couple of busy weeks, but i do have some fun pictures to show you of Lauren's briday portraits. Ok, so the portraits were awhile ago (and in fact, i just did Lauren's makeup on friday for her rehearsal and then on saturday for her wedding) But this is what i have for you for now!

The photographer for Lauren's wedding was Almix Photography. Kate (who i met) and her husband Matt really have a great thing going! Their photography is funky and fun, vibrantly colored and just very very cool! Not to mention that both of them have an extremely artistic eye! I was very impressed!

Here are some pictures from Lauren's portraits...

You can view more of their photography HERE! *hint hint, the pictures are nice and LARGE on the altmix phography page! :) )

Oct 8, 2009


Phew - we had a very fun trip, but came home to THE FLU! I do not like the flu... i do not like it at all! So i havent filmed any new tutorials because, ahem, i dont exactly feel like being on camera when i have the flu. Though i suppose if i could have mustered the energy, it would have been a good one to learn... how to make yourself look undead! hahaha.

Earlier this week i did a photoshoot for Kentwool (a golf company) and got to meet some fabulous ladies from the LPGA and Future's tour! Let me tell you, they are FUNNY! If i get any photos from that and permission to post them, i will.

I do however have some pictures from a wedding i did just before we left town. The bride looked stunning even though she had the flu then!

The photographer for the wedding was Kim Deloach. Her photography is very artistic and just stunning! If you live in the Upstate of South Carolina, i would check her out!