Nov 22, 2009

Lauren's Wedding

I finally get to post some pictures from one of my favoritist bride's i've ever had the pleasure to work with! Lauren is just an awesome girl and I had so much fun in the process of her wedding from consults, bridal portraits and then her wedding! She is an absolute doll with a classy personalty and clean, simple but still elegant style.

Her wedding was so exception. She was married on her family's farm (which if they asked me to move in with them i would in a heart beat! It was gorgeous!). She really had all the details down! Her photographer i mentioned before in my posting about her bridal portraits but I just cant say enough about Altmix photography! They are based out of Atlanta Georgia and their photography skills are AMAZING! they are able to capture such beautiful and intimate moments without it ever looking posed. You can see many more of the photos from Lauren and Matt's wedding by seeing the blog post at Altmix Photography

Here are some of my personal favorites (of course they show off the bride... hehehe)

Nov 18, 2009

Subtle Purple Smokey Eye

Ok everyone, i'm so sorry it's been a minute since i've posted a video! We've been redoing and remodleing and painting and i've even tried taping some videos but just havent had the time to edit them!

Anyhoo - here is a super fun one using PURPLE! I love purple. I've tried to say i dont (high school color, i think i OD'ed on purple in highschool) but truth be told, i just really love the color purple! Not lavendar as much, i'm talking deep rich purple. Love it! The great thing about purple as an eye color is it truly works well with just about any skin tone! It's a great way to pull off a color look without going overboard.

This video makes a very easy smokey eye using purple but it's also not over the top so ANYONE can wear it! Check it out!

Nov 13, 2009

My apologies...

I am so sorry for the lack of posting! My wonderful husband was repainting my master bath at my request. I wanted a better wall color that wouldnt wash out the video tutorials so much. So that meant the filming would move to the next best list room in my house... the kitchen. Then he decided to start painting the kitchen! So needless to say, i havent had a good place to film. And with the shoot for McAulley's and the fashion show (which by the way went great and Lela Rose is the most down to earth designer i've ever met!), it's been a hectic week! I did take the time to reorganize my makeup closet and go thru all my brushes so that i could do the best brush review to my ability! I actually filmed it, but left out something i wanted to talk about. WOOPS!

SO, thats all coming, bare with me while i get back into my groooooove. :) Photos to come from the shoots earlier this week soon! :)

Nov 9, 2009

Lela Rose Fashion Show!

What a weekend, what a day, and it's not over yet!

Sorry for the lacks of posts this past week! I've been cuh-razy busy! Some of you know i own a stamp company called Paper Makeup Stamps (appropriate, huh?) Well, in any case, we had a new release on saturday, so a big part of my week last week was getting ready for that.

I also am doing makeup for the Lela Rose fashion show tonight! Here, in G-ville baby! It's always very exciting when someone from New York or LA comes here! So i'm way pumped for that! Part of this past week was also dedicated to preparing for that. The show is tonight! If you are local, you should come! Fashion, Food, Drinks, i mean, whats not to like? Oh, and you get a goodie bag! hehe.

I also did makeup for a fashion shoot yesterday for McAulley's Unique Boutique which is in Anderson South Carolina. Once i get some of the shots from that, I'll post em.

But for now, i'm off to get some models ready for the luncheon with the designer. Not like America's Next Top Model where they have to do their own makeup! (ok, so usually models DO for luncheons and what not. I'm just being helpful, i.e. not getting paid. hahahahahaha)

Ok, chat with ya'll on the flipside!

Nov 2, 2009

coming up...

So i had a client come over on saturday for a super fun makeup... and who forgot to take a picture? Yep, that'd be me. *sigh* oh well, it was a very "halloween-ie" makeup anyway.

Here's a fun look using some deep plums and purples. I looooove plum and purple and they look great on so many different skin types. The trick for me? Keep it warm. The warm purples wont wash you out as the weather gets cooler and skin tones get more pale.

Tip 2, keep some lighter shadow towards your lashline. The effect is pretty, but it also helps to "open up" your eyes! Too red of a purple right around your eyes wont help the whites of your eyes if they are a bit bloodshot. :)

I did try to do a film tutorial on this but i think the lighting was not the best. We'll see how it looks though and I'll get it up as soon as i can!

Nov 1, 2009

MAC Notoriety Quad, review & tutorial

Hey everyone! I finally got my little video about the MAC Notoriety quad up on youtube! I love this quad.... very gorgeous warm colors....

I'm a little frustrated with the video as I dont think you get the full warmth of colors on there. Must be something i'm doing wrong in the uploading because it all looks a little washed out to me! You can see see whats going on since it's HD, but you just lose colors. I'm mad at it! SO if you happen to know what in the world i'm doing wrong, please let me know! It's not the lighting because the colors look fantastic on my computer and in the editting software. It just looks blahzay (i'm sure that is not the way you are supposed to spell that) on youtube!

Here it is....

For those that has asked for makeup looks, creating eye shapes, and such... they are coming! :) I'm also working (well, it's filmed, i just need to edit it) about my favorite makeup brushes. :)

Thanks everyone! Remember everyone is a star and has the right to twinkle! :)