Nov 2, 2009

coming up...

So i had a client come over on saturday for a super fun makeup... and who forgot to take a picture? Yep, that'd be me. *sigh* oh well, it was a very "halloween-ie" makeup anyway.

Here's a fun look using some deep plums and purples. I looooove plum and purple and they look great on so many different skin types. The trick for me? Keep it warm. The warm purples wont wash you out as the weather gets cooler and skin tones get more pale.

Tip 2, keep some lighter shadow towards your lashline. The effect is pretty, but it also helps to "open up" your eyes! Too red of a purple right around your eyes wont help the whites of your eyes if they are a bit bloodshot. :)

I did try to do a film tutorial on this but i think the lighting was not the best. We'll see how it looks though and I'll get it up as soon as i can!

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Shaela said...

what gorgeous eyes! I hope you get the video to work, I'd love to see how you do it!