Nov 9, 2009

Lela Rose Fashion Show!

What a weekend, what a day, and it's not over yet!

Sorry for the lacks of posts this past week! I've been cuh-razy busy! Some of you know i own a stamp company called Paper Makeup Stamps (appropriate, huh?) Well, in any case, we had a new release on saturday, so a big part of my week last week was getting ready for that.

I also am doing makeup for the Lela Rose fashion show tonight! Here, in G-ville baby! It's always very exciting when someone from New York or LA comes here! So i'm way pumped for that! Part of this past week was also dedicated to preparing for that. The show is tonight! If you are local, you should come! Fashion, Food, Drinks, i mean, whats not to like? Oh, and you get a goodie bag! hehe.

I also did makeup for a fashion shoot yesterday for McAulley's Unique Boutique which is in Anderson South Carolina. Once i get some of the shots from that, I'll post em.

But for now, i'm off to get some models ready for the luncheon with the designer. Not like America's Next Top Model where they have to do their own makeup! (ok, so usually models DO for luncheons and what not. I'm just being helpful, i.e. not getting paid. hahahahahaha)

Ok, chat with ya'll on the flipside!

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