May 30, 2011

Libby's Wedding

I have some photos to share from a wedding I did back in April.
All photos in this post taken by David Whitlow Photography.

Libby was so fun to work with from her consult to her wedding day!
Not only was she a gorgeous bride, but she also had a fun and almost earthy/vintage/rustic/urban vibe to her wedding. I know those don't seem to go together, but they did! It was a BIG bridal party, so I enlisted the help of some other artists to make sure everything was done perfectly! Here's what Libby had to say!

Here are a few more photos of the bride!
Special Note: Click on the photo if you'd like to see it larger!

And some more photos just cause i like them. :D

Have a wonderful Memorial Day everyone!

May 9, 2011

Beautiful Bride, Leann

All photography in this post by Yellow Umbrella Photography

Leann was one of my fabulous brides in March. I have had the wonderful pleasure of doing Leann's makeup and hair 4 times now! She was previously a bridesmaid in 2 other weddings I've done. Then I got to do her hair and makeup for her bridal portraits and then her wedding!
She truly is just such a fun and wonderful personality and beautiful person!

Leann's photographer for her portraits and big day was Liz of Yellow Umbrella Photography.
Liz has amazing talent of really capturing the personality of her client. I was thrilled with the pictures captured.

Here are a few from the big day! I also did the makeup and hair for Leann's bridesmaids.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

May 5, 2011

Susanna Bridal Pics

Well I have been busy busy busy!!! Lots and Lots of weddings, consults and portraits! I am not complaining! As I always say, I will try to be better about keeping my blog updated!
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Here are some photos of one of my latest brides!
Her name is Susanna and she is just one of the sweetest things since hawaiian bread!

I also had the pleasure of working with Jana Candler, finally! We had chatted before, but not had the chance to work together until now. She too is a pretty awesome chick!
Check out Jana's photography at

For Susanna's makeup, I used dinair airbrush for her foundation and blush (Natural Beige and Bronze Rose) and traditional hand application for her shadow (Stila Moonlight, Mac Satin Taupe and Showstopper). Lips were Boss Brown ProLongWear lip color from MAC.
For her hair, we used a conical wand to curl it and also added some clip in extentions for fullness! This was my 2nd time working with the conical wand (my first was at her consultation!) And i was very pleased with the final result!

Here are some photos from Susanna's bridal portraits. These were shot by Kim DeLoach who is another fantastic photographer and an associate of Jana Candlers.

You may notice her hair is a little different here. This is before we discovered we liked the conical wand better. Susanna saw someone else who had used it and called me up and said, could we give it a shot? She really liked the style of the curl it provided. I said I was always willing to learn new tools! And so we did! I think both styles are nice and will continue to use both the traditional curling iron and the conical wand depending on which style of curl is preferred by the bride!

So there we have it!!!! Hopefully I will have more photos to share with you soon!!!!