Jul 24, 2011

A little bit of my photography...

So as many of you know, I have been dabbling in photography for the better part of a year now. I will never ever ever leave my love of makeup and never intend on leaving makeup artistry as my main business, however I have loved playing with the camera!

Recently, I have a bridal client who was not going to be getting bridal portraits or engagement pictures done. Her photographer is a family friend who is not even from this area. He will be coming in and taking photos of the wedding and everything but nothing prior to that.
I know all of this because I was careful to find out this info prior to saying, well I'll take some for you! I would never want to step on any toes!!

Anyhoo - I did do Bobbi Jo's makeup and hair before her engagement shoot and then we headed to Greer City Park to take a few fun shots. Given that close to sunset photography is not something I've had a lot of practice in, I felt the shots turned out ok and I decided to share them here! :D

We started in downtown greer...

And then it was time to get some more personality into the photos...

I broke the ice first by telling Jack's (my 5 year old) favorite joke. It worked!
Here's the same location... the shot i'm showing now has a bit of color processing which i just love to do. The photos are all being given to the couple in standard editting as well. :D
Next we changed the scenary a bit and went to the grassy knoll area in front of the clock tower...

Hehe, i was determined to get this shot.... we actually got it a few different ways. :D

Then we moved over to a small pond area... i love the shot below because to me it looks like a clip from a movie. :D
Walking along the tracks
And now for some really fun shots...
Bobbi Jo really loved fountains and wanted some shots with the fountain in them.
After we were done shooting... I asked if they minded getting wet! Both thought it was a very fun idea (i think the bride may have thought it was a little more fun than the groom! ha!)
The shots we got were so fun!

And after the fun pretty shots, we had fun!

Then after a lot of fun shots of them totally getting wet... i got a shot which may be one of my favorite pictures i've ever taken! Now if i could just decide my favorite edit of it!
I think my favorite is the middle... the color processed one... because i just love that look, but the older photo look kinda steals my heart as well! Which do you like?
just another fun shot of the soaked couple!

So thats it! My first ever engagement shoot which a super fabulous couple!
I've already done some bridal pictures of Bobbi Jo, but I cant post those until after her wedding in August. Wouldnt want the groom to see early!! Just in case!

Jul 15, 2011

Fashion Shoot with Brian Miller Photography

Recently I had the honor of doing a super fun fashion shoot with Brian Miller Photography and Jennifer McAbee in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

When I was first contacted by Brian to do the shoot, he told me the direction he wanted to go with Jennifer. It was just a fun, edgy, and a little bit rock idea, as Jennifer (a fab model) had a lot more of glam and pinup style in her portfolio and we wanted to shake things up a bit.
Then... the idea of a mohawk came into play (i think it was Jennifer's idea). Brian says to me, she has really long hair, can you make a mohawk? Oh yes... yes i can.

Introducing as I have dubbed it... the Rock the Hawk shoot!
Here's a shot after i had finished the makeup and I was at work getting that MoHawk up there!

Here's another favorite...

And here's another one after a wardrobe change... i love the change of feeling to punky and free to lost and lonely!

And anyway you turn that head... the mohawk stays! Thats fun too!

So since most of my followers are other makeup artists and models... the biggest question i got after posting these to my facebook fan page was how on earth did you get it to stay?!
A bunch of teasing, hair spray and manipulating until I had it how i wanted it. I did try a few hair products first, and I decided, just using up the can of hair spray was the best bet. The other products added too much weight to the hair. It was easier to just layer the hairspray on!
It also helped that Jennifer has bleached her hair, um, at least once so the hair itself is very porous and took to the hairspray well. :D The sides were french braided back and then flitered into the back side of the mohawk. :D

Jul 1, 2011

Lauren's Wedding

Summer is in full swing! And so are the weddings! Phew!
I love my life and my work, so I am continually thankful for each and every bride i have!

Here are some shots of a recent wedding I did hair and makeup for.
All shots by Yellow Umbrella Photography (with Kapture by Kolby as her second shooter)

I gotta admit... this is one of my favorite shots ever! Thank you so much Elizabeth for capturing me at work as well as the beautiful bride so well!

Be sure to find my page on facebook as well for more bridal updates!