Mar 30, 2010

Spring is here.... and some nail polish trends!

Spring is here! Flowers are blooming on trees, the warm weather is ever so slowly coming... so i thought it might be fun to go over some upcoming trends for spring!

I'm not sure why i associate spring with nail polish, but it's this time of year that i start painting my nails again. Maybe it's because the winter is so dry which makes my skin so dry that my nails split and my cuticles are a mess so i dont bother, or maybe it's that i get to break out the clothing i like much better than my warmer clothes. Who knows, but I do love spring, and i love the new trends that it brings!

So here are some of my nail polish predictions that i've seen here and there (and EVERYWHERE or it wouldnt be called a trend!)

1. Go Neutral with beige, brown, taupe and anything that might resemble a skin color.
Bonus when it actually matches YOUR skin color!
I saw a picture of a well manicured hand in a makeup book (i think it was Trish McEvoy's The Power of Makeup). The picture wasnt about the hand, but about the other item in the picture, maybe it was a makeup brush, i dont remember. The purpose was probably to not draw focus to the hand, but to the product but, OMG, i fell in love with the look! All winter long i searched for skin tone nail polishes and just could never find the perfect one. Now i have an arsenal of these "skin tones". Well lucky me, because as the weather warms, i'm seeing more and more and more of these hues! My chances of finding my perfect shade are good, and i have a bunch of other top colors. Whew knew i was so good at predicting color trends? hahaha!
In the picture above is a new nail polish line from Rimmel. Very afforable and dries very fast. Color is desert sand.

2. Matte
The matte nail polish trend started last fall and continues to go strong with new colors being introduced this spring. It's a fun new look and way to wear your polish with a bonus that when the idea gets tired, you can always put a clear top coat to bring back the traditional nail polish shine. Other bonuses to Matte polish is it dries SUPER fast. Downside is i think that it takes a little more maitenence than other polishes as it seems to chip more easily. Maybe thats because i was wearing it in the dryer monthes though, so who knows.
In the picture above is Opi Matte polish in You Don't Know Jacques. Other companies are jumping in on the matte trend including Essie, Sephora Nail, Alpha Nail and more.

3. Pretty Pinks
Always a popular color in the spring to match all the blossoming buds. The color above i just got yesterday. :) I needed a new not too 80's pink so i chose this pretty pink by Opi called Pinking of You. Its a softer pink and really quite lovely without too much shimmer. Now i dont mind a frost-ie nail polish, but frostie and pink just make me think of barbie and big hair. So when it comes to pink, i like it glossy, but not too shimmery. Personal preference. :)

4. Colors of the sky and sea
Now the polish above is an older polish of mine (i cant even remember the name) but more and more for red carpet events and the like i've seen some pretty light blue nails paired with darker dresses. it's a great way to carry you little black dress into the spring!

Last but not least...

5. Barely There but not Bare
I truly think the barely there colors are timeless and work with most seasons, but Spring is the best. You get to go for broke in the summer, the winter and fall are the times to be daring and dark, so spring is a perfect time to lighten things up a bit. Bonus to the slightly colored polish is it works great to cover a few imperfections while you get your nails and cuticles back in shape for the warmer weather. The colors match everything and can easily be touched up. If the look is too blah for you, go for a 2 tones look (another popular trend i've seen on runways and red carpet events) and paint either the cuticle base or the top nail a different color!

So thats what i have for you today! Now get out there and enjoy some sunshine!