Dec 9, 2010

Vintage Mod - Makeup and Photography

So i have been doing a lot of shoots lately with different models where I am both the makeup artist and the photographer and i must say, i am loving it!!!!
Now my first passion is still makeup and I will continue to work freelance doing makeup and hair only, but I have found a lot of fun and satisfaction in photography!

Here is the shoot i did yesterday morning with a model...

I had so much fun creating this vintag-ie style shoot. The poncho I had picked up (for myself) from Old Navy a couple weeks ago for a mere 15 bucks! I just thought it looked warm and snugglie! Since the weather is getting colder, I told the model she could wear it. ANd since she has very straight and fine hair, i knew we might be somewhat limited to what it wanted to do is the cold dry weather outside, so teasing it up seemed a safe bet. Suddenly, i felt this very vintage mod mood overcome and and we just went with it! Her eye makeup is a little geometrical which is something that really started in the 1960's with twiggy (the most famous model from the time era.

When the 1960's came about, makeup started to really get FUN! Now don't get me wrong, i love the makeup styles of all the different decades for different reasons and it isnt that makeup wasnt beautiful prior to the 1960's, but in the 1960's, makeup got more playful. It was no longer just for adults and being glamourous, but more teenagers began wearing makeup thus bringing out the "trend" factor. The eyes were the main focus in the 60's. They were played up with false lashes, geometric shapes and sometimes bold colors. The crease was often shadowed heavily making the makeup very visible even from far away. Eyeliner was also used often with thick lines and eyelashes accentuated with either a LOT of mascara or the addition of false lashes. Lips were often muted out with pale colors.

For Kelsey's eye makeup, I used deep purples along her crease and brought them much further into her nose than the tradional crease makeup. Often in the 60's, the crease was shadowed in a very round shape, which is not something I did here. So i guess this is a bit of my modernized version. :D I did use a thick black liner straight across her lash line with nice long false lashes!

Here is a close up shot where you can see the makeup a little bit better, without the color story corrections.
You can see her mouth is very muted in a pale pink (I used Obsessive Compulsive's Lip Tar in Hush).

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Feel free to leave a comment with what you'd like to see!