Mar 21, 2011

Tips on moving quickly as an industry professional

Hello Lovelies!!!! Me thinks it's about time for an update! I have been a crazy fool working. I truly love it! Sometimes of course you feel a bit swamped and it's easy to get overwhelmed! Especially like the case of my past weekend! SO it prompted me to think of this post! This post is really geared for the industry professional or aspiring industry professional. Someone who is planning on making this artistry into a career. :D

This past weekend I had back to back weddings, and received an email friday evening that my assistant would be unable to assist afterall. After making a few phone calls to find a replacement and realizing that a new assistant for the day wasnt going to be happening
and faced with back to back weddings with what seemed too many people for just 1 person, it was time to buckle down and make sure everything was streamlined.
After chatting with some other makeup artist friends, I knew i could do it if i just remained calm and followed the quick tips I often try to go by anyway.

Tip #1 - Do not panic! The moment you panic you begin to get flustered, misplace items, drop items on the floor that then need sanitized. All too time consuming. Remain calm, and if you feel that tension start to rise in your gut. Take a quick second to take a deep breath in, hold for a second and exhale. It doesn't need to be obvious, but takes the 10 seconds to get yourself composed will greatly help your timing in the long run. And then also abide by these next tips!

Tip #2 - Suggested to me by another MUA, create a palette to work from. Since I already keep my makeup in palette forms and everything is already labeled, this was easy. I did stick to the same color scheme on everyone to create a signature look for each wedding. This helped keep up the speed so that I wouldnt be fumbling around my kit for a different color pattern. If you do not keep your makeup in palettes, creating a palette or mini kit for each wedding would be a huge benefit. Also choose the signature lip colors. Opt for colors that suit most all skintones and opt for a nude lip liner and a spritz bottle of alcohol so that you can easily use the lip liner, spritz, and then it will be ready for the next client.

Tip #3 - Bring a couple jars to set on your station of your go to products. This is something I have at my work station at home for consults so I knew this would be helpful at the wedding. Keep disposable applicators in 1 (mascara wands, lip gloss brushes, and also the mascara and your 2 go to lip colors. That way you dont lose precious minutes going, shoot, where did i lay down the mascara! The other jar use for hair items (if you are also styling hair), the comb, teasing brush, etc. It's too easy for those to get buried under other items when you are working quickly!

Tip #4 - If lashes have not already been decided on, create a little kit that the bridesmaids can decide on their pair so that way you arent sitting and waiting for them to decide wasting those precious minutes. I love using a little tool assortment box my husband got me. It was less than $5 and easily organizes all my lashes and has a good little spot for the glue, another easily buried item!

Tip #5 - If you are also styling the hair, it is a great benefit to have some signature styles and in the event of a big time crunch have a few great styles to suggest that do NOT require the time of setting curls! Currently very popular and do not require curls is a wrap around french braid that wraps low on the back of the head and goes into a low side bun. You can also take a piece of hair by the bang to braid and lay on top of the hair to go down into a low side bun. Adding a braid to a simple hair style can add a bit of flair and elegance to a simple hair style. And the client is still getting something they likely couldnt have acheived on their own!

Tip #6 - bright a zip lock baggie for each client and a sharpie. For each client, write their name on the bag. As you are working, put the brushes used on them in their baggie. If for any reason they come back to you for a touch up, you have their brushes ready to go. This is also an extremely valuable tip if you are on a long day production set. You can easily go thru a lot of brushes if you have to grab a new one every time.

Tip #7 - Wax Paper Tablets can be your best friend! Some beauty stores, like Frends in Los Angeles carries them in very handy sizes, but you can find them at most art supply stores as painters often use them as their palettes. You can work off of this friendly non drying palette and go back for your touchups when needed.

Tip #8 - Paper Lunch Bags - I always keep a couple folded up in my kit. Putting one on your station to quickly toss used disposables, etc in will save time from you running back and forth to a trash can!

AND my last tip... have a friend on speedial! Seriously! They dont need to be a makeup or hair professional, but someone else there really will just make you feel more relaxed. They can wash brushes, hold things for you, or in the case of my friend who came to my rescue in my last hour when i realized, these flowergirls arent getting done by the 4:00 picture time (the wedding was at 6) without a miracle, someone to just put some curls in hair for you.

I have loads of pictures i need to share. My facebook fan page has been updated with most of them, so go check it out!!! :D