Nov 18, 2009

Subtle Purple Smokey Eye

Ok everyone, i'm so sorry it's been a minute since i've posted a video! We've been redoing and remodleing and painting and i've even tried taping some videos but just havent had the time to edit them!

Anyhoo - here is a super fun one using PURPLE! I love purple. I've tried to say i dont (high school color, i think i OD'ed on purple in highschool) but truth be told, i just really love the color purple! Not lavendar as much, i'm talking deep rich purple. Love it! The great thing about purple as an eye color is it truly works well with just about any skin tone! It's a great way to pull off a color look without going overboard.

This video makes a very easy smokey eye using purple but it's also not over the top so ANYONE can wear it! Check it out!

1 comment:

Bee Burg said...

Love the look! :-) Cool tutorial.
I have green eyes so purple shadow is a must for me! ;-)