Nov 1, 2009

MAC Notoriety Quad, review & tutorial

Hey everyone! I finally got my little video about the MAC Notoriety quad up on youtube! I love this quad.... very gorgeous warm colors....

I'm a little frustrated with the video as I dont think you get the full warmth of colors on there. Must be something i'm doing wrong in the uploading because it all looks a little washed out to me! You can see see whats going on since it's HD, but you just lose colors. I'm mad at it! SO if you happen to know what in the world i'm doing wrong, please let me know! It's not the lighting because the colors look fantastic on my computer and in the editting software. It just looks blahzay (i'm sure that is not the way you are supposed to spell that) on youtube!

Here it is....

For those that has asked for makeup looks, creating eye shapes, and such... they are coming! :) I'm also working (well, it's filmed, i just need to edit it) about my favorite makeup brushes. :)

Thanks everyone! Remember everyone is a star and has the right to twinkle! :)

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