Nov 13, 2009

My apologies...

I am so sorry for the lack of posting! My wonderful husband was repainting my master bath at my request. I wanted a better wall color that wouldnt wash out the video tutorials so much. So that meant the filming would move to the next best list room in my house... the kitchen. Then he decided to start painting the kitchen! So needless to say, i havent had a good place to film. And with the shoot for McAulley's and the fashion show (which by the way went great and Lela Rose is the most down to earth designer i've ever met!), it's been a hectic week! I did take the time to reorganize my makeup closet and go thru all my brushes so that i could do the best brush review to my ability! I actually filmed it, but left out something i wanted to talk about. WOOPS!

SO, thats all coming, bare with me while i get back into my groooooove. :) Photos to come from the shoots earlier this week soon! :)

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