Apr 24, 2010

McAuley's Shoot

The new look book is up at http://www.shopmcauleys.com!
McAuley's Unique Boutique is a fashion boutique in Anderson that carries the lastest fashions and trends. This was my second opportunity to work with the fabulous store and the super fun models! I did both hair and makeup in all the pictures. We decided to keep it fun and use lots of bright colors, without detracting from the clothing!

This months shoot used the fabulous Jake Simpson as photographer!
You can "like" his work on facebook HERE

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot...

Model Katie Barrs

For Katie's hair (thats just about shoulder length) I curled and added clip in extentions!
I was super happy with the outcome!
For Katie's eyes, I used a turquoise shadow along the lash line (condensed with liner sealer) and then a paler sea foam to blend upward.
The rest of the face I kept bronz'ie and sun kissed with a very light shimmer bronzer and muted coral lip.

Model Taylor Fitch

For Taylor, I wanted to play more on the intense color on the lid and really make her green eyes stand out. I used Mac's waveline fluidliner and blended smashbox's iconic eyes quad to blend upward. I kept her porcelin skin smooth with a pretty mauve blush to compliment her skin tone and used a prawn lipcolor.

Model Ashley Martin

Ashley's eyes are insanely blue! I really wanted to make them pop by using their complimentary color, orange. I used MAC pigments electic coral and a bronze to acheive the effect but used a jet black liner to avoid the whites of her eyes looking red (a trick to do whenever using a red, very pink or firey orange color on the lid)
Ashley's skin is also very tanned so I used a bronzer to emphasize her cheekbones and used a berry/fawn lip color.
For Ashley's hair, we played it simple by running a flat iron thru it, and them sweeping it all to one side, securing it with pins and wrapping some of the strands around it to give a slightly messy and loose/fun side pony.

Model Chelsey Crookes

I had a lot of FUN with Chelsey and she was a great sport! I used a bold fuschia color on her lid and very instense false lashes. I kept her cheeks subtly pink since her eyes were so bold and completed the look with a berry lip.
The last shoot Chelsey had with McAuley's used her incredibly long locks in curls, so we decided to play a little different by putting them into long braids. Everything was secured with bobbi pins so that the braids could easily be removed later for a different look and the braids would leave a little bit of wave and texture to her hair.

Model Kayce LeNeave

For Kayce, i used a beautiful aubergine color on her lid. The color is more intense towards her lashline and then fades up to a pale pink/peach tone. Her cheeks and lips I kept soft with a pink brown tone.
I LOVED her hair. it held curl like a DREAM! I put 1 inch barrel curls through out and then separated it to create 2 piggie tales. Again, everything was secured only by bobbi pins so that they could be removed later. To do this, separate your hair down the back like you would to create to low side pig tails. Using the hair at the nape of your neck, coil it around each side and secure with boppi pins. It's a great spin on a hairstyle you wore as a young girl, but giving it a little bit of a more sophisticate flair. When you take the pins out, just run your fingers thru your hair for a softer curl, and viola, new hair style, no kinks from pony tail holders!

Well, thats what i have for you today!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Shaela said...

I'm drooling, Katie, DROOLING!!! Can you please fly out to do my hair and makeup for my brother's wedding in Septemeber? Pretty please? If I buy your plane ticket??? ;)

Gorgeous work - you are so talented!

Tracey Cuccia said...

Absolutely gorgeous :) You need to teach me how to do eyes girl - WOW!!! :)

Lisa Kind said...

Wow! I didn't know you did this kind of thing! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, everyone loved the outcome of the hair & makeup for this shoot the best of any shoot we've had to date! You did an amazing job (especially since Missy found all of her example pictures at her house the next day)! :)