Feb 3, 2011

Makeup Brushes!

Ok makeup fans! I tell my clients and those I teach in class settings that the key to makeup application is the right brushes! You wanna know who makes some GREAT brushes? Sigma Makeup! They make exact duplicates of some of the name brand companies and without a price mark up so they are very very affordable. Check them out!

Ok, I've been meaning to type up a post on makeup brushes for some time now. I've even filmed a you tube video and just havent gotten it all edited together (and in fact, i think i lost it in the computer meltdown crash so i'll have to re video anyway.) SO boo on that!

BUT.... Sigma Makeup is a great company that makes truly fantastic makeup brushes. The best part about it is that they are AFFORDABLE! I tell my clients as well as those I teach in consultation and class settings that the key to makeup application is good brushes.
Sigma makeup makes a lot of the "popular" styles made by big name companies and sells them at NOT a big name price. SO, if you are looking to get some new makeup brushes, they are definitely worth looking into!

On top of that, they are current having a few promos! 1 is to get a free gift with a purchase over $30! Another is that they have just created an affiliate program. If you arent sure what an affiliate program is, it's a way that the company can track where their customers come from. SO for example, if you click on one of my links, I get points. Woohoo. So yeah, it's good for me, but I'm really just looking into getting more makeup brushes and also looking to supply some give aways for my clients and blog readers. But if you also have a beauty blog or have a lot of makeup loving friends, you might want to sign up for the affiliate program yourself!

SO... if you havent checked out Sigma Makeup yet (yes they have makeup to, thought i must admit i havent tried their makeup, just their brushes) you really should! :D

Click here to visit www.sigmabeauty.com

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Shaela said...

okay Katie, I'm sold. But where the heck do I even start with makeup brushes??? Which one should I get first? Is there a set you'd recommend? Help! lol. I have NO makeup brushes, so a kit might be a good way for me to start... but which one do you think would be best?