Sep 16, 2011

Makeup for the Weekend Tips

Once upon a time... (ok, 1 time) i posted a makeup tip on a Friday. I had quite a few people suggest I do it every friday. Welllll... since Friday's are my prep day for the weekend wedding warrior (AKA, me) sometimes i forget. But I do love the idea!

I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a question and got 2 right away... SO, i'm going to answer both. :D

Question 1: How do you put on eyeliner without looking like a goth girl?

I had to silently laugh about that one! The biggest thing, is that you probably arent using the right eyeliner. Now i'm not saying you have to go out and spend 20 bucks on an eyeliner, but if it doesnt say smudge proof or waterproof, chances are you going to look a little bit like you belong in Blondie.

Typically, eyeliner pencils like to "melt" when they get warm. And unfortunately, skin gets warm so therefore, the liner smudges down a bit further than you'd like by midday.
I most often use a cream based eyeliner and a brush. This sets far more quickly and it's going to run away from you. Lots of companies make these now. Even Maybelline has one (that i havent tried, but i've heard good things). My preference is MAC's fluidline in blacktrack for a seriously all day stay. 2nd up is Stila's smudgepot in black.

Is you dont feel coordinated enough to use a cream liner and a brush, try setting your eyeliner with a bit of dark shadow. It doesnt have to be a black shadow, a very dark brown will do the trick (my fav is Showstopper from MAC). You can use a small brush and pat the shadow on top of the eyeliner. This will set it. Think of it like you set your foundation with powder so it stays put. :D

Question number 2: "What is the best way to cover up blemishes so that they don't look like makeup caked scabs?"

OMG you guys are funny! Well, here's the first thing... don't pick at blemishes to create scabs in the first place! I know i know, it's hard, but really, try to leave them be so you dont get the crusted blemish. Because as much as you can do to cover color, there really is very little to cover texture.

The first part of my answer, really isnt going to help you do it on your own. But i have to put it in there for those who hire me to do their makeup! I cover all blemishes with my airbrush. It's the absolute best for longevity and without the oils and such that normal concealers have, the airbrush foundation truly STICKS to the blemish and doesnt wear off like other concealors. Whats more, is because the airbrush sprays such a fine thin layer (i feel an article about airbrush coming on!) and it's buildable, it doesn't add texture and it has full cover coverage.
SO, stressed out brides and models... you can relax a smidge because I can fully cover those uninvited guests so that they are unnoticed on your big day or photoshoot!

Now, for those wanting to take care of those pesky buggers at home. As already mentioned, STOP PICKING! And really truly resit the urge to just pick the scab off so that you have a smoother surface to cover with makeup because you are only going to give yourself a little scar which will just be a darkened area of skin that will last 3-4 times as long as that blemish will.
Wash the area well each night (with an exfoliator, but dont OVER exfoliate) and then put a good moisturizer on. Be really focus on moisturizing the blemished area so that it doesnt dry out and get so scabbed.
Next when doing your makeup routine, if you can get away with just putting a dense powder over it, it will look less cakey. If that isnt an option, or you really need more color coverage, apply the concealer with a small brush in a dotted fashion. You can pat around the edges of the blemish with a clean finger to fade out the concealer. This gives a better texture plus the brush strokes will just take the makeup right back off where you have applied. Then dust a powder on top (lightly again, just pat it over). These steps will help the concealer last longer and also will help it to not look so crusty. :D

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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