Aug 30, 2009

Product Review

Quick Product Review today...

Pixi Natural Mineral Palette

Target is now carrying the Pixi Beauty line of makeup! They are making colors and palettes exclusively for target as well. WHats the bonus here? Well, I had never tried Pixi Beauty, but it's a higher end than typical "drugstore" brands and it's being carried at a drugstore. Which means items get clearanced as barcodes change, you can use giftcards that you wouldn't be able to use at other makeup places and um, you can tag things onto your weekly shop bill and hubby's might not catch on (thank goodness mine doesnt read this blog!).

But there is still a downside. Most makeup stores (like Sephora, Ulta, etc) have testers sitting out. Sometimes you'll see testers at a place like Target, but not like at a makeup retailer. Plus you dont have anyone who works there to ask. Trust me, the employees at target dont know the makeup specifics.

I was on the bonus side because I found this little kit sitting on an endcap, being clearanced most likely because of a new color coming out, or possibly a changing barcode. It was the only of it's kind (probably was hidden in the back during the normal markdowns) and i scored it for only 6.25. It was originally 25.00. I figured it was worth testing out.

Here is my review...

The shadows are heavily pigmented which is fantastic! Definitely what you miss when you buy are cheaper "drugstore" variety (they arent all bad, i'm just saying they dont often have the staying power). I applied the shadows which came in a beautiful shimmery champagne, a peachy bronze, a richer cocoa bronze and a shimmery soft black with gold flecks in the morning and it lasted the entire day. So a big woot woot for the shadows! I was impressed.
The next layer of the compact was blushes. One is a cream blush that seemed too dark for my skin tone, so i admit i havent tried it yet. I will amend this review when i do. The bronze tone seems harsh in the box as well. As long as you buff it on in a quick motion and dont add too many layers, this looked very nice on my NC30 skin. Not muddy and not too shimmery which is definitely what i feared by looking in the compact.
The final layer were 2 lipgloss pots. I'm truly not a fan of lipgloss in palettes because they just get messy to me. But since these have their own layer and wont gunk up the blushes or eyeshadows... there may be hope. Like many glosses, these were pretty going on, didnt last all day, but not a lot of glosses do. So they were fine, but they wouldnt be the reason i would purchase this product.

SO - all in all - would it be worth the 25 bucks? maybe, if you didnt have these eyeshadow colors (they are gorgeous, but "common". Its an easy think to go in your makeup kit if you arent a makeup artist, perhaps a pain in the rear if you are. The chunk box wont fit in with any of my palettes so it will remain in my bathroom drawer for when i do my own makeup. if you happen to find it on sale or clearance though, i'd say snatch it up! :)

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