Aug 29, 2009

Who I AM as a makeup artist!

One of the questions i get asked the absolute most (whether by clients, models, friends, fans (if i can say i have fans, hahah) etc... is how did i get started.  Why do i do makeup.  How LONG have i been doing makeup, etc.

Well, in a nutshell... i think i've done makeup since in the womb (ok not really).  I think i have wanted to do makeup since in the womb (this is probaby true if as a not even born baby i knew what makeup was) and I do it because it's all i've ever wanted to do! 

Yep... thats pretty much the short answer.

Ok, on to the LOOOONG answer.  haha.

I grew up in a theatre.  My dad is a set designer.  My mom (though she doesnt do it as actively anymore) is a costume designer.  Usually when i get to this point in my "story" people go OOOOOOOH.  They see how I'm like, what else would i do?  haha.  From a very young when i would go missing in the theatre building, my parents could find me playing in the makeup room.  Or watching someone else do makeup.  I put makeup on all of my dolls, but not even normal makeup.  i would take my rainbow brite dolls and take my moms makeup to put scratches and "dirt" and other makeup on them to make them look like they had been off in the woods or whatever other crazy story i could come up with (remember i was very used to watching theatrical makeup applications as well as special effects makeup!).
Starting at the age of 6 I started taking dance lessons at a ballet academy.  It was hard work.  I know, a 6 year old with hard work... but i continued to dance thru early highschool.  But what was my favorite part of dance?  Getting ready for the performance and photos!  And not like the practice getting ready for the big show... i mean the literal get ready right before the performance.  I routinely did everyone else's makeup as well.  I just LOVED that part!  In highschool i was pretty sure i'd end up going to cosmetology school at some point.  I did my friends makeup all the time.  I did prom makeup for everyone.  I did makeup for all the school plays.  I did makeup for the choir.  I also worked in community theatre.  All while trying to have that "normal" highschool life.  haha.
Then came college... I decided to study Musical Theatre (because of my love of dance and singing) but i still thought i'd do a beauty school after.  I took ALL the makeup courses from the university that i could (lucky for me, it was a university with a stellar theatrical and arts program).  I also really got into the film department there and quickly realized i loved everything there was with film making (and photography).  I did makeup for many many indepent and university driven films (some went on to be nominated for Academy Awards - yes they have those for university level films).  I did makeup for a lot of the stage productions as well.  I also did a bit of modeling during this time.
So then after graduation I had the big decision of New York or Los Angeles.  I chose to move to LA (against my parents lean towards New York since my dad is from those parts and i have family in the city).  I worked on my first independent film thru some friends i met. ( The producer of that film is now my husband, hehehe).  Under this advice, I started working with some modeling agencies and found some other photographers who's work I admired to build up my book rather than spend oodles of money on a cosmetology school when i was really only interested in makeup and some hair styling and could kinda care less about nails and other things.  Soon after I had a meeting with a makeup artist agent (yep, makeup artists have them too) and they decided to take me on.  WOOHOO!  This is how i booked my first big gigs.  Starting as an assistant and moving up to a Key Artist position.  From then i just was working as a professional artist.  I did a lot of music videos.  But also some commericals and fashion shoots, runway, you name it.  
Then came a time when my hubby and I decided to have a family.  :)  Since my hubby was a weeeeee bit tired of the "LA scene" i somewhat reluctantly agreed to move across the country to the Carolinas.  Now dont get me wrong, it's lovely here.  Not as trendy as LA and certainly not as exciting however, I'm sure it's a better environment for child rearing.  hah.  So thats where I am at now.  I do a lot of weddings and special events.  I also do the makeup for one of the senators when he's on CBS Face the Nation.  I do makeup consultations and other high profiles clients from the area.  I am a speaker and adjudicator for the American College Theatre Festival Region 4.  I still work on film and theatrical projects when the timing and other things are right.  So thats who I am as a makeup artist!  Whether you wanted to know or not!  :)

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Pam said...

How exciting! The experiences you had and are having are wonderful. I love theater and art.