Nov 10, 2010

Morgan's Wedding

In late summer, I was fortunate to work with Morgan for her wedding. Let me tell you, this girl is so sweet, but very fun at the same time. And she is hip to the latest trends thats for sure! She wanted feathers in her hair (i have been gathering info for a post about feathers and should have that up later this week.... consider this my introduction!). Feathers in hair is a very popular concept right now! And with white or ivory feathers, it's just gorgeous on brides!

Here is a rundown of our get ready followed by some awesome pictures of Morgan and her hubby. All photography is by Jeff Hall Photography. His business is set up in Greenville South Carolina. He has an amazing eye and captures weddings in such a fantastic style! You really should check out his portfolio, whether or not your looking for a photographer in Greenville!

Here's us getting ready. I'm not sure what I was looking for. Morgan looks bored. Ah, well it was early and I dont think they had brought her STRONG coffee yet. ;)

I started by spiral curling Morgan's hair, which is pretty straight when left alone.
I teased the hair at her crown and since it was being pined in low curls, i didnt want the weight of all the hair to bring down the "bump" so i started pining the curls low and added on top.
The final layer of hair I used a criss cross pattern above. This is something i do often. I think i just love the way it looks and gives a little bit of a different vibe than being pulled straight into the hair design. Plus and added benefit is that the light cross over pattern allows minimal weight pulling down the height at the top, which is good for the style and also good that the teasing doesnt have to be so extreme that it's difficult for the bride to get out later.
Below is a final shot of the hairstyl after I added the feathers as well as some small flowers and stemens (pearls that were actually created to go in the center of fake flowers)

Next comes makeup! I LOVE when a photographer gets me some action shots of makeup application! Thanks so much Jeff!

We started with the airbrush... i love my airbrush system!!!! The airbrush i use is by Dinair and I actually use the Paramedical makeup. It has a 24 hour wear and is completely water proof so just in case there are tears (at a wedding??? never!) or a rainstorm, this makeup isnt going anywhere!

It's all about the EYES! Morgan is stylish and CLASSY! She wanted a lot of sparkle to her eyemakeup without it looking too overdone. After priming her lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion, I mostly used shadows by Stila Cosmetics. They pack a shimmer factor, without a lot of fall out (you know... all those random sparkles that fly off your makeup brush and land Lord knows where). They also arent glittery, just perfectly shimmery!
Here's another shot of the in process eye makeup. I used a lighter shadow over the whole lid (i THINK moonlight in the inner corner and brow bone with wheat over her whole lid) And then to intensify her look, i used Go Lightly along the lash line and in the outer view blending it into her crease. What you dont see in this shot is the later addition of false lashes and Expresso shadow more intensly along her lash line and just outer v corner.

Her cheeks we kept a lightly peachy pink (um... i THINK peaches by MAC, may have been a light application of Garb. Sorry, it's been too long!) And her lip color we kept night and light as well. Below are 2 final shots that you can see her makeup.

Doesnt she look smashing! Ok, so she's a pretty girl to begin with, but i love the final looks!
Here's alot shot of that hair! :D

This shot is precious... that tree is in Falls Park in downtown Greenville. I know you've seen it in wedding shots on my blog before... but isnt it gnarly cool!

Okie dokie - thats what i have for ya today!!!! Check back soon for that "feather post" and why every gal should have some feathers for her hair!


Morgan Pidcock said...

Thanks again Katie! You did such an amazing job!

Shaela said...

wow, what a gorgeous girl!! And you did fabulous on her makeup :)

Lola B. said...

You did beautiful work on her! Great job!