Nov 5, 2010

Wanna win a Mac $50 gift card?!

Hello Lovelies! Sorry my posting has been a little everywhere. I have been SO BUSY! Last weekend i had 3 weddings, today I have a bridal portrait, 2 weddings tomorrow and then a bridal portrait on sunday! To many, "wedding season" is in the summer. While i do stay very busy in the summer for weddings, since i live in the South, the busiest wedding season here is FALL! It's not so densly hot and sticky, but it's not very cold yet either. The leaves here are just starting to turn... it's gorgeous! Maybe i'm partial since I was married in November!
As soon as the photos start rolling in from these weddings, I will post them, i promise! And I just got a new and better video camera! So more video tutorials and such will be coming SOON! Keep posting for casting calls!

Ok, while I wanted to update everyone on whats going on with me... there is something that i'm sure will be far more exciting for you! A chance to win a $50 gift card from MAC!
You all know that i LOOOOOVE my MAC!

This contest is being sponsored by
Makeup Talk is a super fun community online! They have recently revamped and redesigned their website as well so if you've been there before, but not for awhile, you should check it out again. At Makeup Talk, you can chat with other beauty lovers, read reviews about products, and swap out some products that didnt work you you with someone else who may have something you've been lemming after!

So check out their forum, and if you want to enter to win, here is some details on how to do it!

Now i'm off to prep for the bridal portrait today! Chat with you all soooooon!

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