Oct 26, 2010

McAuley's Fall Fashion

It's a beautiful fall day here... ok, not quite. It's been rainy and miserable! Luckily, it wasnt miserable last weekend when I worked on the fall fashion shoot for McAuley's Unique Boutique!

This shoot was SO much fun! Although we started a smidgen early, filled to my brim with coffee and with bright eyeshadows in hand, I had a lot of fun to say the least on the looks for the models!

We met up at the Vintage Hair Loft in Anderson, SC where Hannah was busy at work on the models hair. After the makeup was all done, i trekked it on over to a warehouse Missy (owner of McAuley's) owns in downtown Anderson where Jake Simpson was waiting to get started.
Now for the record... Jake is an phenom photog who has moved from South Carolina to New York City. I am often fortunate enough to work with him when he comes back into town, but if you are in NY, or traveling to NY... you want to book him!

Ok, so here are some of my favorite shots. I have more of them uploaded to my facebook page if you are interested. While you're there, become a fan why don't ya!






And just a couple behind the scenes... because i think they are so fun!

Such a fun fun day!!!!!!


Shaela said...

looks like a super fun and fabulous shoot!

bjo said...

Hey! I googled "subtle purple smokey eye" and found one of your videos...which led me to your blog.
SO crazy...I live in SC (I'm a student at the Paul Mitchell school) and I'm really good friends with JP and Wendy! SMALL WORLD!!
You're work is fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

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