Oct 21, 2010

Sarah's wedding!

As promised, i'm finally getting around to some much needed updating! These pictures are actually from a wedding i did makeup for about a month and a half ago (but i just got the photos so i'm not that much of a slacker!!!) If you'd like to see more of this photographer (a husband and wife duo that are just a joy to work with!) check out their website, www.lumosstudio.com

I had so much fun getting to know Sarah over the course of her engagement, bridal portraits, and consultations. She really is just such a pleasure to be around and can i say that i am beyond bummed that she's moved away to CALIFORNIA of all places. *sigh* I will miss her, and i only knew her a few months!

Here's a more black and white version of the previous photo. Sarah wanted a very classic look and while polished, she didnt want to look overdone or TOO glam.

this photo is precious, and since her eyes are closed it shows off the makeup well! haha!

While i never saw sarah not smiling, she looks so regal here! I love it!

A little harder to see the faces, but I also did the makeup on her bridesmaids. :D

Check back soon for some WAY fun pictures of fashion fun and bright makeup for McAuley's!

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