Oct 10, 2010

An Ice Princess for If Only Photos

Hello Makeup Friends! I PROMISE i'm going to have some tutorial updates and things very very soon! I've just been consumed with WORK (and my little guys, which they are just so cute i cant resist park playdates and whatnot while the weather is nice!)

I do have 5 weddings booked this month alone, however and some other fun shoots so yeah, i've been a busy (and happy) gal!

Here's a shot from a shoot i did this past week with a new photographer friend!

You should be seeing a lot of collaborations with him! His work is fabulous! His name is Alex Frazier and he shoots EVERYTHING! If you are a model in the greenville area, book him! He has a Hasselblad camera which translates to extreeeeeemly high def pictures (makes me very happy as a makeup artist!) But he also does weddings, portraits, family stuff, kiddos, etc. You will not be sorry. You can see his website at www.ifonlyphotos.com

Fun stuff huh? I don't get to do "extreme" makeup nearly as much as i once did. Now that the kiddos are a little older and I can at least leave them with a babysitter that i know i can hire again and she wont run away screaming (ok, she still might, i have a hyper 2 and 4 year old), I can take on more of these types of shoots that are more for fun than anything else.

For Becca's makeup, I used Dinair white glamour airbrush makeup. I focused the white along the outer edge of her face and worked inward leaving the center. I then used Alabaster to airbrush the center of her face giving it a "thawed ice princess" vibe. I didnt want her face to just be ghost white.

I used a number of different blue shadows on her eyes and brought the shadow down along her temple and cheek bone using a duo fiber (or soft stipple) brush.

Lips were colored by mixing MAC Pigment in cornflower with clear lip gloss. This gave the blue effect without being BLUE. Had the pigment been mixed with a thicker medium or with using a LOT of pigment, you could achieve denser coverage.

Her eyebrows where shaded in with a dark blue eyeshadow as well. Since Becca bleaches her hair (noooooo, really? hehe) her eyebrows were already a little bit darker than her haircolor. However, a lot of that color was taken out by the airbrush. I wanted her face to be striking and really bring out the blue tones, so i added the blue to her brow, but her brow bone was highlighted with a white silver first.

The "cracks" in her skin were a story of a lot of testing! Originally we were wanting to use silver leaf but it wouldnt stick to ANY of the adhesives i had on hand. grumble grumble. So i resolved to hand painting the "cracks" which were meant to resemble cracks in ice.

Becca's hair was teased to all High Heaven. Thankfully she was a very good sport! I actually added in pieces of cotton batting (yes, the same stuff that is in your pillows) under the bump to make sure that the teasing stayed put instead of falling flat.

Overall i was extremely pleased with this shoot! I had a lot of fun with the model and the photographer and can not wait to do the other half of this shoot which will be all fire oriented!

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