Sep 5, 2009

Depotting Mac Shadows

Hello my beautiful friends!  Ok, i got around to putting my very very ghetto fab tutorial on how to depot eyeshadows onto you tube.  So long as you dont mind the fact that my soon to be 1 year old (waaaaah) trying to steal the camera tripod a few times.  Oh, and the lighting isnt the bestest. Note to self... do not film things in the evening until i get a better video camera!  :)

Here's the video....

It's really super easy to do and trust me, once you have all your shadows in 1 palette, you will LOVE it! It's so much nicer than opening little pots one by one. Now i personally have 10 palettes. Ok, i dont know how many i have... hang on let me count.... holy cow... i really DO have that many! And those are just the MAC palettes. I have another 4 Stila palettes and lots of singles i still need to depot. Do i need an intervention???

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