Sep 5, 2009

Man, i just get this thing started and i'm already slackin'!  Ok, I dont think i have any readers (yet) that dont know me thru papercrafting since thats the blog'verse i'm in.  But JUUUUUUST in case, here's a quick run down.

Yes i started in makeup artistry about 11 years ago (ACK, i'm getting old!).  After moving from Los Angeles to the good' ol south east after having bambino number 1, my world seriously lacked creative-ness.  I needed to let creative energy OUT.  So i started papercrafting (stamping, scrapbooking, etc).  And then after some prompting of my hubby who said, you know this papercrafting world well... start your own company.  So i did.  I own a stamp company called Paper Makeup Stamps (because paper and makeup are my 2 worlds!).  AND, i have a new stamp release coming up.  So needless to say, i've been busy!  Lots of posting to the paper crafting blog and the company blog.  but never fear... i will get back to posting on here soon!  

I actually depotted quite a few eyeshadows the other day and filmed a mini tutorial on how I do it.  I havent watched the footage yet.  The baby tried to take the tripod numerous times.  But i'll get that up here soon.

I also have an event to do makeup for this evening and a wedding tomorrow.  SO... maybe i'll have some photos on here from that.  We shall seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

For now... i leave you with some pictures of my sweet baby boy who's hair i cut yesterday.  Sniff sniff.  He's getting so big!

(and yes, we often go running around naked in my house!)

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